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Riverrat  Doug Outfitters
Fishing has been good Steelhead on the Muskegon Walleye on the
Detroit.  Rain this week will have the Steelhead on the Muskegon
river fishing very well. Still have open dates!!!

Grand river, Muskegon river, Manistee river, Pere Marquette river,
Shaiawassee  river, St. Joe River and The Ausable river

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Yes we do have dates open.
So contact us to reserve your date today
You may also target  Manistee  Salmon,  Muskegon  Steelhead and  Grand
river Bass Pere Marquette river brown trout  with Spinners from
Used fishing equipment
1 How long have you been in business continuously as a guide?
What size is your boat/boats?
What is the age of your boat/boats?
What is the size of engine/engines on your boat & how old are they, & do you maintain them?
Do you brief the clients as to life jacket/fire extinguisher locations before departure?
Do you brief the clients as to your fishing procedure & what to expect before departure?
Do you ask input from the clients as to their fishing preferences each day?
What species of fish do you target?
How many clients do you take out at a time?
How many rods do you run at a time?
Do you normally troll, mooch or jig, Fly-fish, Spin?
Do you supply the rods & reels?
Do you use the long "noodle rods" & single action reels?
Do you offer star drag reels & down rigger rods as an option??An I supply my own rod & reel?
If I am left handed & bring gear matches your requirements?
Do you run bait, lures or Flys?
Are you catch and release?
Do you clean & provide for packaging & freezing of the clients catch?
Do you supply the clients with a map of how to initially find your location?
Do you make provisions for client’s motel/cabin stays if applicable?
Where do we meet you for a day of fishing, at our cabin or the dock?
When is the departure time, & how long are we on the water?
Do you offer a "Rain Check" provision for un-fishable weather?
Is your fee is based on how many clients per trip?
Are there any extra hidden charges?
What type of funds do you require?
How much of a deposit do you require?
When is the balance due?  
Do you stay abreast of any new fishing regulation changes?
Do you have a e-mail & a web-page?
Do you have a cell phone that we can contact you if need be?
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Michigan River Fishing Report
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The annual Free Fishing Weekend is one of Michigan’s most
popular outdoor events. For two days, June 11-12, 2011, Michigan
residents and visitors to the state may enjoy the fun of fishing on
both inland and Great Lakes’ waters for all species without a
license. All fishing regulations remain in effect. Some of the best
freshwater fishing in the world exists in Michigan.  Anglers can fish
and explore the aquatic habitats along more than 3,000 miles of

Great Lakes shoreline, over 11,037