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Michigan Steelhead fishing,  Michigan Salmon fishing,  Michigan Trout and Michigan
Small mouth.

KEEP IT IN WATER…. We need to keep the fly in the water.  The more time the fly spends in
the water the better your chances are of hooking a fish.

The Zone.
You have put yourself in position so that this is the water you see as to hold fish.  Is slightly
down stream of your position. Make your cast across river and retrieve any slack line. Now
drift your offering down stream no faster the  flow.  
Now that slack line you brought at the start of the drift, may be let slowly out (at current speed)
to extend your drift.

In the fall you can Find Steelhead and Trout behind gravel bars looking for eggs and insects.
As the year gets later and the water temps falls, go to the slow water. Look for boulders and
trees or back currents. The trout and Steelhead will seek this water to preserve their energy.

OFFERING. In cloudy or dirty water you can fish on  larger test lines, and brighter offering. As
the water clears, drop your line diameter. And look to a more natural offering.

Check back for more on Trout and Small Mouth and tactics up dates

I guide West Michigan tributary's,such as the Muskegon river, Manistee, St.Joe.
Grand river. Pere Marquette, AuSable some other smaller Streams.
Yes its a lot of water but you fish each at a particular time. And hey I been here awhile.
And yes the TiBB and Shaiwassie and Saginaw
Clothing, Snack & Drink
NO studded waders on the
You may bring your rod.
There are no docks at the
landing so you have to
take a step or two getting
into the boat.
I Will Bring
Reels, Fly,  the Boat
Instruction casting,reading
water,flies  know how
and more

When planing your fishing
adventure, keep in mind
that it is possible to fish
more than one  river.

We have the guides to accommodate large groups
. All guide are experienced knowable  guides. With the customers comfort
and   experience in mind. Our goal is to have you catch fish and have an
enjoyable day on the water

We are licenced with the State and Insured
Red Cross first aid training and C.P.R
MI D.N.R. Licence and Insurance
U.S.G.C. Captains Licence
Complying to D.O.T. & U.S.C.G. Drug Screening

All boats are inspected up to date clean and safe

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River Rat Doug Outfitters
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fly caught Steelhead
There are 36,500 miles of river 11,000 inland lakes  in Michigan. From the top of Michigan, the  Sault Ste Marie  many opportunities Atlantic Salmon , Pink Salmon,
and Coho Salmon, Steelhead, Bass, Walleye and Perch. To the Saint Joe River on the south west side of the state near Berien Springs,and Niles. The St.Joe
river offers summer run Steelhead (
Skamania), spring run Steelhead and fall run Steelhead, along with fall run Salmon Coho and Kings. The St Joe is also known for
its Small-Mouth bass and Walleye fishing. From the western U.P Lake Gogebic fine Walleye fishing to the Detroit River World class Walleye fishing. The Detroit River
flows to Lake Erie again World class Walleye and  Bass Fishing. Michigan’s Upper Peninsula  has been written about in many books with authors’ such as
Hemmingway. The U.P. offers sport fishing in Lake Superior ,Salmon, Steelhead, Pike, Perch, Bass and much more.
Michigan’s Upper Peninsula’s  Many Lakes and river’s offer up Brook trout. Rainbows,  Brown Trout, Small Mouth and Pike. Rivers like the Fox, Two Hart,
Tahquamenon, Ontonagon and Menominee River. Many of the Lakes of the Upper Peninsula  offer fishing that rivals  other world destinations.

Michigan Lower Peninsula
World class sport fishing from Big Lake fishing in Lake Michigan, Lake Huron and Lake Erie. Many in land lakes and rivers. Again World renowned rivers like the
AuSable River, near Grayling. Manistee River at Welston,  PIne, Pere MarQuette River,  (P.M.) at Baldwind. Muskegon River at Newaygo, and the St. Joe River. In
these renowned Michigan Rivers fishing for
Steelhead,  Salmon, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout, Small mouth bass, pike and Walleye are the norm.
Michigan Fly fishing is as productive of tactic as spinning rod with Spinners, body bait or live bait.  On many of Michigan Rivers Fly fishing with Terrestrials like ants,
Grass Hoppers, Crickets are as productive as any fishing method or tactic. Michigan Rivers boast of magnificent fly hatches large hatches of
Caddis, Stone flies, May
fly’s galore
Ticos,   terrific Hendricksen, Sulphur, Isonychia, and Brown and Gray drake hatches  Effrons (white fly). The streamer and nymph fishing are productive
year round. Streamers such as
Woolly Buggers, Sculpins,  Sexy hex, and Muddlers. Nymphs like pheasant tail, hares ear , caddis and stone. The Grand River is
Michigan’s largest river it begins in the marsh lands of the southern Lower Peninsula and flows west to lake Michigan at Grand Haven. The Grand River from Grand
Rapids to Lansing gets very Large runs of Walleye, Steelhead, Salmon, and Brown Trout. The Grand is also known for its Small mouth fishing. While the river does
get fished Guides and Guided trips on the Grand are not as prolific as on some of Michigan’s rivers. The
andromonous fish of lake Michigan enter the Grand River
and make it to the capital city of Lansing. There are Dams along the way and fish ladders at the Dams provide passage for these Salmon and Steelhead. The
Muskegon River is Michigan’s second largest river and begins at Houghton lake in Michigan Lower Peninsula upper half. (Houghton lake is MI largest inland lake) The
Muskegon River flows south west to Lake Michigan in the Town on Muskegon The  andromonous fish of lake Michigan go only as far as the Town of Croton just
12miles east of the town of Newaygo. This the first Dam on the river and this the tail water of Croton dam. There are many Michigan  fishing guides  on this section of
the Muskegon River. You can find Fishing Guides for Fly fishing, Plugging , Bait and casting..

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fishing *   
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Gift Certificate's are available for all services
Gift certs*Trip

The rate is $385.00 for eight hours two people.   .
I can take third person, for additional
Grilled lunch available for two @ $30.00

(A nice plan for Michigan Spring Steelhead fishing)

Large groups / party  are welcome. If you have a Party's of 12 or more we will comp one
Single angler?   Email me and I will put you on the singles list, and pair you with

Small mouth fishing excursions as low as
$125.00. This is a single person outing

Gift Certificate's are available for all services
customer testimonials
River Rat Dog

EXPERIENCE:   Hundreds of anglers
from throughout the United States and
from around the world have enjoyed
successful fishing with River Rat Dog
Outfitters. We have years of
experience and know are rivers and
what fish are taking

SUCCESS:  More often than not we
are successful. Not just a boat ride

PROFESSIONALISM:   Regardless of
your age, sex, physical ability, or
amount of prior fishing experience, we
can provide an exciting fishing with
accommodations that are best suited
to your needs

THE BEST CHOICE:   Why take a
chance on an inexperienced or part
time outfitter who may be operating
less than desirable. When you can fish
with full time professionals who fish the
best areas and have plenty of
experience and successful fishing to
their credit

RELIABILITY:    River Rat Dog
Outfitters are licensed full-time
professional outfitters who have been
providing quality guided fishing trips  
since the turn of the century. With an
A+ Rating by the Better Business

EXCEPTIONAL VALUE:   "Value" is the
combination of quality and price. We
don't have the very cheapest fishing,
but they do provide a top quality
fishing for a reasonable price and most
anglers agree!

characteristics distinguish great fishing
from the average Area,
Accommodations, Experience of the
Staff, The Challenge  and the
Camaraderie during fishing.

Equipment: from clean well
maintained boats to top for the line
Fishing rods Reels, Lines, flies and

The Guides
The Rivers
JEt boat river rat dog fishing guide
muskegon river fishing
or 16 foot Woolridge, with a
You may want to fish from
one of our Drift boats
drift boat fishing
Muskegon river Steelhead

We Fish For Mi Trout, Salmon Steelhead, Small mouth Bass and Carp
We Fly fish, Fish with spinning rods, Plug fish and fish with bobbers

We provide Rods, reels, boat, guide and fishing equipment included
You are also welcome to use your own rod and reel

We do use boats river boats & Drifts boats
We do not sir charge for flys we use

I fish  many methods, and you don't need to be an expert. But I have been at
this since the early 1970's. I enjoy teaching first timers.
I have been known to keep a fish.

We do fish  Michigan all year. I have heat on the boat.
No the river does not ice over and  Michigan winter Steelheading is cool. In
the Spring on the year we have a  Michigan Steelhead run.

The Summer offers summer run Mi Steelhead &  MI Small mouth Bass
along with
Michigan  Trout fishing.
Autumn brings the Michigan Salmon run along with   MI Steelhead and lake
run Browns.  
We fish all winter for  michigan trout and Steelhead.

me and join us for a relaxing day on the river , See why so many return
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With guide service and shore lunch
and  all of the  above for two

Room with kitchenette, direct T.V, Internet         $425.
B & B  same as above with Breakfast                   $510.
River side cottage                                                  $450.
Room w/ bed for two                                              $400.
Additional discount for multiple nights stay & days fishing

Gourmet dinners prepared for you are available
priced per menu
Fine dinning near all locations

We have more  lodging information available for you  
concierge service available

You may purchase your trip on line with the buy  now Icon credit cards
Fishing licence may also be purchase on line with the on line
fishing licence

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